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About Us


Much more than a Teachers Association!


Exclusive TDA Syllabi


Available to qualified teachers and TDA members only


 The TDA offer an exciting, innovative and stimulating modern, hip-hop, ballet and tap syllabus 


A creative movement pre-school syllabus for 3 – 6-year-olds

Ballet, Tap and Modern


Performance medals

Six different genres from which to choose

Musical Theatre

Hip Hop - 6 options

Ballet - 2 options

Theatre dance




…and to motivate and enable teachers to train dancers better, stronger, deeper, harder, the TDA offers to TDA members ONLY…..



There are 5 separate syllabi, each containing a full "library" of exercises, graduated incrementally in their degree of technical difficulty and also, loosely in age groupings (taking into account the physiological constraints in the young bodies) - working from approximately 5 year old students to Advanced/Senior/ Adult standard, designed specifically to:

  • strengthen and loosen the entire body: upper back; lower back, shoulders, turn out, feet, legs, groin, hips etc.

  • improve elevation, leg height, turn out, core strength, backbends etc.

About Us

Saturday 4th December 2004 - the launching of the Theatre Dance Association - and we knew we were just one step away from a new beginning – a new beginning for dance, for what it has to offer, for how it is taught and presented and for where it takes dance teachers and their pupils in this new millennium.


We received an overwhelming response to this new and innovative association which began as an adventure and as with all adventures, we had no idea where it would lead us! But we were hopeful! We connected with a sense of resilience and bravery; we drew a deep breath, focused ourselves and knew that just the energy in our attempt was strong enough to sustain us.


And so began the most important journey of our lives – the biggest adventure that we would ever undertake, for the biggest adventure anyone can ever undertake is to live the life of their dreams. We were doing just that! The Theatre Dance Association took its first breath and we got on with doing what we knew we should be doing – building a new and respectful association that focuses on creating opportunities for dance teachers, dancers and dance as a whole, and in doing so, it has led us to become the fullest human beings that we can possibly be! We have worked around the clock to create an association worthy of its members, and strangely enough, the more chaotic and stressful things were on the outside, the calmer we became on the inside!


Welcome to the TDA!

Diane Fincham

Founder Member

Giovanna Fisher

Denise Morrison

Founder Member

Michele Renecle

Nigel Lucas


Teachers interested in learning more about the THEATRE DANCE ASSOCIATION are invited to contact the TDA office… inspired, be a TDA member!




TEL: (021) 761-7547
FAX: 086 530 1511



Website address: 


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Founded in 2004, The Theatre Dance Association is an association of inspiring, go ahead teachers who want a new and different challenge, irrespective of what dance discipline they teach or to what other associations they may belong. TDA teachers have a common goal - to share, encourage and challenge their own abilities in an already challenged industry.

The Theatre Dance Association is more than a teachers association though, it is also a syllabus organisation.


Besides offering an exciting and stimulating syllabus in modern, tap, hip-hop and ballet, including performance medals in all those genres, making friends in the business and growing one’s self and one’s studio is inclusive of what The Theatre Dance Association strives to achieve.

becoming a member of the theatre dance association is the start of a most sincere and exciting journey with us into a new experience of dance and its future!




The TDA is committed to contributing to the general development of vocational dance; to support any opportunity to invest in the future of young dancers.

Our young South African dancers need as many opportunities as possible to gain experience in the Repertoire competitive arena in order to prepare themselves for International competitions. Introducing the Ballet Repertoire Competition. July 2017 gave the TDA a chance to build the sector by providing an elevated platform for dancers to gain more experience before they compete at an International level!




TDA Associate Teacher Training Branch 

This auxiliary branch of the TDA was set up in 2015 specifically to train Associates – Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop & Tap - and to assist them to qualify at their highest possible level. Headed by Diane Fincham, Denise Morrison and Michelé Renecle with Michelé as the Associate Coordinator -the Associate Branch is dedicated to producing effective, competent and current new teachers, ensuring that each Associate’s journey to qualifying is smooth, efficient, effective and successful!


The qualification is an “outcome based” training programme that bases each part of the qualification around goals (outcomes). By the end of the training period, each Associate should have achieved the actual goal….

competent to teach.


Theatre Dance Association…….paving the way


What we Offer:


Members receive incentives, perks and givebacks with reduced prices to local, external and International events including free advertising within the network for TDA members' events and business and social networking opportunities.



  • Teachers' Inspirational Workshops

  • Pupils' Inspirational Workshops 

  • Syllabus Revision and Syllabus learning Courses

  • International Conventions

  • “Dancers for Dancers” – annual Gala fundraising event for Cape Town City Ballet 

  • The Ballet Repertoire Competition

  • MOVE! National Dance Competition

  • Examinations in all dance disciplines

  • Performance Medals in all 4 dance disciplines offered

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