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Theatre Dance Association

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The THEATRE DANCE ASSOCIATION is an Association of inspiring, go ahead teachers who want a new and different challenge, irrespective of what dance discipline they teach or to what other Associations they may belong. TDA teachers have a common goal - to share, encourage and challenge their own abilities in an already challenged industry.


The THEATRE DANCE ASSOCIATION is more than a TEACHERS Association ….. it is also a SYLLABUS Organisation. Besides offering an exciting and stimulating syllabus in MODERN, TAP, HIP HOP and BALLET, making friends in the business and growing ones self and ones studio is inclusive of what the THEATRE DANCE ASSOCIATION strives to achieve.

About Us

About Us

SATURDAY 4th DECEMBER 2004 – the launching of the THEATRE DANCE ASSOCIATION and we knew we were just one step away from a new beginning – a new beginning for dance, for what it has to offer, for how it is taught and presented and for where it takes dance teachers and their pupils in this new millennium.

We received an overwhelming response to this new and innovative association which began as an adventure and as with all adventures, we had no idea where it would lead us. But we were hopeful. We connected with a sense of resilience and bravery; we drew a deep breath, focused ourselves and knew that just the energy in our attempt was strong enough to sustain us.

And so began the most important journey of our lives – the biggest adventure that we 3 would ever undertake, for the biggest adventure anyone can ever undertake is to live the life of their dreams. We at the TDA did just that - the THEATRE DANCE ASSOCIATION took its first breath and we got on with doing what we knew we should be doing – building a new and respectful association that focuses on creating opportunities for dance teachers and dance as a whole, and in doing so, it has led us to becoming the fullest human beings that we can possibly be! We have worked around the clock to create an association worthy of its members, and strangely enough, the more chaotic and stressful things were on the outside, the calmer we became on the inside!



Offering an exciting, innovative and stimulating MODERN, TAP, HIP HOP and BALLET SYLLABUS


Creative movement PRE-SCHOOL SYLLABUS for 3 – 6 year olds catering for Ballet; Tap and Modern pupils


PERFORMANCE MEDALS - 6 different genres from which to choose

1. Theatre Dance Medal
2. Musical Theatre Medal
3. Modern Medal
4. Tap Medal
5. Hip Hop Medal
6. Ballet Medal


A Teacher & Examiner TRAINING DIVISION
Modern; Tap; Hip Hop and Ballet

More than a Syllabus Organisation!
More than a Teachers Association!


• Dancers for Dancers – annual
• International Conventions
• Pupils' Inspirational Workshops
• Examiner Training
• Teacher Training
• Syllabus Courses
• Teachers' Inspirational Workshops in January of every New Year 
fundraising event for Cape Town City Ballet
• Eisteddfod of the Performing Arts
• Examinations in all dance disciplines
• Performance Medals - Modern; Tap; Hip Hop; Ballet; Theatre Dance; 
   Musical Theatre
• Social events – AGM March annually & end of the year cocktail party
• Teachers "perks and give back" initiatives
• Business and Social Networking
• Free advertising within the network for TDA members' events 

Visit our photo gallery on Facebook "THEATRE DANCE ASSOCIATION" Group 
page to see all the photos from these events

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” 
― Martha Graham



Teachers interested to learn more about the THEATRE DANCE ASSOCIATION are invited to contact the TDA office.



TEL: (021) 761-7547
FAX: 086 530 1511



Website address: 

Facebook:               Click here to visit       

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Tara Jean and Alex Wong
Tara Jean and Alex Wong
Tara Jean and Alex Wong
Tara Jean and Alex Wong
Tara Jean and Alex Wong
Tara Jean and Alex Wong
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